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XAD Coping With COVID-19 And A Ray of Hope

This Is For All Americans On The Front Line.

XAD Coping With COVID-19 And A Ray of HopeThis Is For All Americans On The Front Line.e.


Attached below Is a song my adopted sister sent to me 2 years ago when I was staring death straight In the eye, I feel this song will Inspire others like It did for me!

I will be forever great full to her as this song gave me a”Ray of Hope” and Inspired me through the toughest time of my life!

XAD & DogTown will be shuttered until we get the green light from the Governor, CDC or President Trump.

I will have a protocol In place at that time so that my XAD family and all Americans can visit the new DogTown here at the Allen Ranch! DogTown here at the “Ranch” will have a event series, training, of leash area and K9 club venue, yes 4 venues to play here at the Ranch and a place to camp and share BBQ’s and our friendship!

DogTown schedule will be posted here and on our new web site when appropriate.

Please pray for our New York family and all those hot spots across America, we love you all and “THANK YOU”!

Mayor of Dog: Micheal Allen

The list of fairs below are still on at this time:

Douglas County Fair

Clackamas County Fair

Oregon State Fair

Central Washington State Fair

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