Your X-Treme DogSports headquarters and home of the Mayor of DOGTOWN(TM)

Welcome to The Mayor of DOGTOWN!

Who is the Mayor of DOGTOWN(TM) you ask? I am a graduate of Oregon State University and a baseball and football alum. I have spent most of my life as a mentor in and around sports. My love for teams, competition and athleticism has driven my career from coaching to owning companies that produce and feature a large variety of sporting events, from two NASCAR races, Stihl Timber Sports Series, ESPN specials to Kate Hudson’s first movie “Ricochet River”, and currently, X-Treme AirDogs dog dock diving competitions.

Ultimately, this led to our very own K9 water and ground sports national series called X-Treme AirDogs (XAD) that helped me create X-Treme DogSports (XDS), a new registration & titling X-Treme Sports organization! We have evolved in combining all of these elements into our signature featured fairground entertainment act called “DOGTOWN(TM)”!

My passion is to entertain 100s of thousands like never before and educate folks about health and wellness of K9s and their humans through the athletic fun that water and ground sports of XAD brings into their lives.

Two years ago (2018) I looked death square in the eyes after a genetic heart condition dropped my heart rate to 45 and less beats per minute! I had been in this condition for 2 1/5 to 3 years of a very active athletic life and through 12 – 14 hour work days! After some very tense days and surgery, I was fitted with a pacemaker that has brought my heart rate back to a normal. Through the wonders of modern medicine, that has allowed me to get back to my active lifestyle with no athletic or physical restrictions. My cardiologist said I was a lucky man! It was then that I realized that I was put on this earth to “Inspire and Motivate” and I had to share my story with others and my fans that there is not only hope, but that you can excel, even when things look dire!

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