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X-Treme Air

1Tahoma 1-min
K9: Tahoma
Black Labrador Retriever
Distance: 29’6″
Year: 2017
Handler: Josh Callaway
“His 29’6” jump was by far the most jaw dropping experience with him. Watching him sail through the air, all I could think was, Damn that was far! When he hit the water I knew that was something special”.

X-Treme Retrieve

1Silas 1-min
K9: Silas
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Time: 12.5 seconds
Year: 2018
Handler: Bruce Johnston
“Silas broke his own record of 12.65 with a 12.5 for back to back wins! He is a once in a lifetime dog! Silas only plays at full throttle“!

X-Treme Hi-Jump

K9: Indy & Cochiti
Breed: Malinois & Whippet
Height: 8′
Handler: Michon Mills & Diane Salts


K9: Jackson
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
K9X Time: 2.103 seconds
Year: 2019
Handler: Robert Tjelde
“I was blessed by God to have some awesome dogs. God decided to bless me with that once in a lifetime dog, Jackson. Jackson is my soul dog and to him I am his everything. Jackson gives me all the love and affection that he has. I hope that everyone is blessed with a once in a lifetime dog like Jackson!”

X-Treme RapidDiscâ„¢

Suzy Q-min1
K9: Suzy Q
Yellow Labrador Retriever
Points: 65
Year: 2019
Handler: Liz Couzin
“Suzy is truly a gift from God. She motivates me to keep moving and working through the pain and will try anything – giving it her all! We discovered the fascinating dog world in 2018, with our favorite venue being XAD! She is not only my best friend, she’s my inspiration and I’m so blessed to have her!”


water fun


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