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Panic In America, Dooms Day, Dire Situation

My turn To Step up! I Was Put On This Earth to Inspire & Motivate and I’m here to tell you this will pass and we will become stronger and a better country from It!

Remember this! We are Americans who have overcome, fought back, excelled like no country on earth! We as Americans have endured some pretty dire situations!
I know a little bit about dire situations!
Two years ago (2018) I looked death square in the eyes after a genetic heart condition dropped my heart rate to 45 and less beats per minute! I had been in this condition for 2 1/2 to 3 years of a very active athletic life and through 12 – 14 hour work days! After some very tense days and 3 surgeries that was caused by a surgical malfunction and another procedure that saved my life! I was fitted with a pacemaker that has brought my heart rate back to a normal. Through the wonders of modern medicine, that has allowed me to get back to my active lifestyle with no athletic or physical restrictions. My cardiologist said I was a lucky man! It was then that I realized that I was put on this earth to “Inspire and Motivate” and I had to share my story with others and my fans that there is not only hope, but that you can excel, even when things look dire!

WE’RE AMERICANS! We can overcome and do anything If we work as one! A team, protect our families and love our fellow Americans, all Americans! No matter your race, gender or political affiliation!
It’s time to come together! Enough of the political bickering!
We have a dire situation that will take all of us to overcome!
This can be a blip In our life times or It could be catastrophic, but we must come together now!
Push through this together and make this a blip In our life time, something we will never ever forget and finally bring Americans to where we are strongest “AS ONE”!!!


Mayor of DogTown – Micheal Allen

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