Your X-Treme DogSports headquarters and home of the Mayor of DOGTOWN(TM)



Our Beginnings

Once upon a time there was a family, the ALLEN family. There was a family dog, CHIP the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, and a POND, the birth of dock diving!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the lives of canines and our human XAD family through fun and competitive sporting events and teaching, training and learning opportunities.

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Our Future

We continue to revolutionize dog sports by bringing the most accurate scoring technology anywhere! We’re #1 in innovative K9 games, entertainment and fan involvement!

X-Treme AirDogs Timeline

  • 2003 XAD First competition at the Big K Guest Ranch, Elkton, OR
  • 2006 XAD Introduces our custom engineered electronic scoring system – still the most accurate scoring system used in dock sports
  • 2006 XAD Brings record numbers of new participants on to the dock during the newly introduced Give It A Try (TM) waves at events
  • 2007 XAD Presents X-Treme Retrieve, the only true retrieve in dock sports
  • 2007 XAD Hosts our 1st DOGTOWN (TM), a multisport dog festival
  • 2014 XAD Introduces K9X, our fast-paced running, jumping, and grabbing ground sport that includes timed sprints and head-to-head drag races
  • 2014 XAD’s Top jumping Pro Teams entertain fans at our 1st annual pre-game even at Reser Stadium at Oregon State University
  • 2016 XAD Adds X-Treme RapidDisc (TM), our super charged brand of disc sport
  • 2019 XAD Becomes its own Registering and Titling X-Treme DogSports Association
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